Self Defence

Sometime around 1989 Mr. Dave Green and I realized that there was no effective Self Defence program on campus. We decided to fix the situation and developed "Gryphon Claws". The program has been in place ever since. Over the years the program has trained many hundreds of students, been presented in residences, to service groups, and has even been exported to other Universities and cities. There are two manuals associated with the course.

The Guelph Interaction Conference is a program for High School students each year in May. Here is the handout we give to that group during our presentation of "Hands Off! A Hands On Talk About Self Defence"

A new contribution to the conference this year is "Violence and Meditation" a course dealing with the psychological effects of martial arts training. A paper currently being written which deals with this subject (the psychological effect of combat sports, martial arts and self defence training) is available. Part 1. Part 2.

Self Defence Classes are offered through the Athletics Department at the University of Guelph on Tuesday and/or Thursday evenings. Check out the Athletics page under "Community Service".


I do NOT NOT NOT endorse anything found on these links, they are provided so that you can start searching on your own for information. I haven't done more than glance at most of them so be careful and think about what you're reading.

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