For almost 20 years now I've been making wooden swords for my martial arts, I'm still making them but I'm a little better at it now. I've also got some nicer toys than when I started. I am quite willing to make just about any wooden weapon or wooden part for a weapon that you might need. I have recently been making weapons racks too. I've also done quite a few pieces of furniture, cabinets and beds seem to be my specialty. Another line of investigation has been "quilted canes", walking sticks and staffs made of various scraps of wood glued up much like you might sew up a patchwork quilt.

Although I'm quite happy to sell my wares, I am not in the woodworking business, so my prices reflect the time the hobby takes away from my family. You can get more information on the wooden weapons by looking at the Sei Do Kai catalogue.

These are some of the bokuto, Japanese swords I have made lately, The top one is a suburito of maple, the second is cocobolo, next is tulipwood, then a bloodwood, and finally an Indonesian rosewood.


Here was an interesting project, a 5'5" LOA nodachi of hickory with a bloodwood tsuba. That's the sword, the thing it's sitting on is a shaving bench.


For information and photos on woods (don't trust the hardness scales) you can go to a searchable database at woodworker's source.

If you're interested in making your own practice weapon you might want to try one of these projects. There is some discussion of wood in the catalogue, and some in the bokuto project, you might want to look there before you go out and find the local lumber yard.

Selecting and Making a Bokuto

Making a Bo

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