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Solid Leather Tsuba

Here are some thick (1/4 inch, 6mm) leather tsuba for bokuto, light brown, smooth on one side, rough on the other. These are $19 each which includes packing and shipping as well as a dome (the rubber stop). Call or email for reduced pricing on 2 or more tsuba (2/$35, 3/$51).

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leather tsuba

Oval Tsuba (as pictured)
3 1/8" x 2 3/4"
opening 1 5/16" x 1 1/16"
Round Tsuba (similar to picture)
3 3/16" x 3 1/16"
opening 1 5/16" x 15/16"

Fur Tsuba

Yes, we have really commissioned a run of fur tsuba. These are vegetable tanned leather with short fur on one side. They are 1/4 inch (6mm) thick. These are $30 each which includes dome, packing and shipping. 

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Oval tsuba
Round tsuba

SDK Machine Stitched Leather Tsuba for Jodo

This design was created for jodo practice, the tsuba is in two or three parts, glued and Machine stitched to provide protection. The tsuba is a standard shape and half an inch (12mm) thick. These are $35 each which includes dome (rubber stopper), shipping and packing.

Machine stitched leather tsuba, front view Machine stitched leather tsuba, rear view

Machine stitched leather tsuba, front and rear views
By the way, this is probably the worst looking sample I could find.

machine stitched leather tsuba, edge

Oval tsuba
(rounder opening)
Round tsuba (narrower opening)

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"It's not exactly full of beautiful models in undies but you might find something you want."

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